Declan McGlinchey, Irish socialist activist, Died at 39

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Declan McGlinchey died on October 31, 2015.

In the beginning, he was born into a life of hardships and struggle.

His parents were Dominic and Mary McGlinchey, the pair was dedicated republican socialist activists from the South Derry area.

Declan dedicated himself to rebuilding the Irish republican socialist movement in the South Derry area.

McGlinchey was a part of helping to set up a new IRSP Cumann there, and he was persistent in establishing a vibrant and effective brand.

Declan’s journey as an activist saw him taking a ‘hands on’ role within the Republican movement, a decision he made at the tender age of sixteen saw him occupy a Portlaoise prison cell, right next to that which had been home to his father.

His mother Mary was also shot dead in 1987 as she bathed her two sons in their Dundalk home.

Mr McGlinchey’s father Dominic was the former INLA Chief of Staff who was nicknamed “Mad Dog” by the tabloid newspapers,

After a judge decided there was not enough evidence, Declan McGlinchey was cleared by Belfast Crown Court of terror charges in 2009.

In that same year he was arrested and questioned over the killing of Constable Stephen Carroll.

McGlinchey’s political career had him returning to the ranks of the Irish Republican Socialist movement.

The movement which had been the proud home of his beloved mother and father.

Declan McGlinchey passed away October 31, 2015 due to a heart attack.