David Shelley, blues rock musician, died at 57

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David Joseph Shelley, born November 23, 1957 and died on August 10, 2015 of cancer.

He was an American blues rock musician who performed with Cher and released two critically acclaimed albums, That’s My Train (2012) and Trick Bag (2013).

David started his career in the late 80’s, he had many memorable appearances and have created an array of great tunes, and most recently 2 albums with his band Bluestone.

In 2014 he finally had the opportunity to sign with a record label, and change his continued struggle as a musician to a more financial stable future.

He received his Cancer diagnosis ONE HOUR after receiving the record label offer, after being in the business for almost 30 years.

Timing is everything, and timing was not on David’s side. David had surgery, removed the cancer and went on a strict regime.

The record deal never happened, as the word spread that David was sick.

It was devastating to him and to the band who thought their break was finally happening.

Shelley’s grandpa was a blues songwriter and his mother, Martha Stewart, a jazz singer.

According to his band bio, “David played percussion with jazz fusion artist Randy Bernsen and was guitarist, singer and songwriter with reggae band T’shan.”

Shelley opened for The Clash and The Kinks and played the MTV Music Awards.

He’s also done some acting – no surprise, given his flowing blond locks and handsome visage.

Shelley has also worked with a lot of Native American groups and headlines the Riverwalk Blues Festival in Fort Lauderdale.

American blues rock musician David Shelley is dead. Shelley died on August 10, 2015 of cancer at age 57.