Dahlov Ipcar, American painter and author, Died at 99

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Dahlov Ipcar (née Zorach) was born on November 12, 1917, in Windsor, Vermont and died on February 10, 2017.

She was an American painter, illustrator and author.

Ipcar was best known for her colorful, kaleidoscopic-styled paintings featuring animals – primarily in either farm or wild settings.

Her parents were William and Marguerite Zorach.

Dahlov Ipcar was raised in Greenwich Village, New York City, attended City and Country School, Caroline Pratt’s progressive school, and grew up surrounded by bohemian influences.

She was encouraged by her parents, she started painting at a very young age.

Ipcar briefly attended Oberlin, dropping out after only one semester, frustrated with the academic restrictions on her artistic expression.

Also to easel paintings, illustrations, and soft sculptures, Dahlov has also completed ten large-scale mural projects for public buildings, two of them for U.S. Post Offices in La Follette, Tennessee, and Yukon, Oklahoma.

She received honorary degrees from the University of Maine, Colby College, and Bates College.

During April 1998, The University of Minnesota honored Dahlov with The Kerlan Award for Children’s literature.

Dahlov Ipcar passed away at 99 years old.