Colin Faver, founder of Kiss FM, died at 63

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Colin Faver, born on December 24 1951 and died September 5 2015, he was a British disc jockey and founder of Kiss FM.

Colin Faver, who has died aged 63, was an important figure in the development of British club culture from its beginnings in one-off nights in London in the late 1970s to the multi-national business of today.

Faver’s career as a DJ was one of the most enduring, spanning more than four decades, and he is recognised by dance music cognoscenti as an early champion of the genres which still provide the soundtrack to nightlife around the world.

These were particularly the techno and house styles – electronic dance music using fast tempo and pulsating bass lines – developed by black musicians in such cities as Chicago and Detroit during the 1980s.

A founder of the pirate station Kiss FM – now a mainstream national broadcaster – Faver was also among those who fostered the acid-house and rave explosions of the late 1980s.

Colin Faver died September 5 2015 at age 63.