Cléber Santana, Brazilian football player, Died at 35


Cléber Santana Loureiro was born on June 27, 1981, and died on November 28, 2016.

He was a Brazilian professional footballer.

Santana played as a central midfielder.

Santana won state championships with Sport, Vitória, Santos and Avaí.

He also had spells abroad, with Kashiwa Reysol in Japan, and Atlético Madrid and Mallorca in Spain.

He was the captain of the Chapecoense team that was involved in the LaMia Airlines Flight 2933, losing his life at the age of 35.

On November 28, 2016, whilst travelling with Chapecoense to the aforementioned finals, Santana was among the fatalities of the LaMia Airlines Flight 2933 accident in the Colombian village of Cerro Gordo, La Unión, Antioquia.

Cléber Santana passed away at 35 years old.