Claudia Barroso, Brazilian singer, Died at 83

Claudia Barroso real name Amelia Rock Barroso was born on April 23, 1932, in Pirapetinga-MG, and died on October 9, 2015, in Fortaleza-CE.

She was a Brazilian singer and songwriter.

Barroso sang songs like, Who was you / Who sent you err and I swear by God / You Lose His Time.

She was very successful in the 70s and 80s as the “Queen of Music Brega.

She was married at a very early age, she had 2 children.

At age 25 she divorced, then started her artistic career.

Claudia has released over 35 LPs and 10 CDs.

Silvio Santos invited her to be a judge in his program, in the 70’s.

These songs includes “Oh! If I Were You”, “Who sent you err,” “There Was You,” “You Changed Too Much” and “Life Is Anyway”.

Claudia also excelled as a feminist.

She spoke out about issues like divorce in a time when it was forbidden and about the taboo of virginity.

She passes on leaving her two sons, a sister, as well as grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

Her funeral was held at the Metropolitan Garden cemetery.

Claudia Barroso passed away at 83 yrs old due to circulatory issues.