Claire Labine, American soap opera writer and producer, Died at 82


Claire Labine was born in 1934 and died in November 2016.

She was an American soap opera writer and producer

Even though she originally aspired to be an actress, Labine eventually became a critically acclaimed writer.

Labine attended the University of Kentucky where her major was journalism, but later she switched to playwriting major at Columbia University’s School of Dramatic Arts (now Columbia University School of the Arts).

Following her graduation, she joined the writing staff of Captain Kangaroo.

After she wrote for the show for two years, she was fired in 1968.

Recently, she had a short stint at CBS’ Guiding Light.

She work as the head writer of the show from 2000 through 2001.

She shared the reins of GL with her children, Matthew Labine and Eleanor Labine.

The rumors abounded throughout Labine’s tenure at GL that she, Executive Producer Paul Rauch, and Executive in Charge of Production Mary Alice Dwyer-Dobbin had frequent arguments about the show’s direction.

During November 2009, Labine gave an exclusive interview during which she discussed her struggles with ABC during Ryan’s Hope, her enjoyment of writing General Hospital, and her less enjoyable experiences on One Life to Live and Guiding Light.

Claire also discussed details about her aborted project, “Union Place” and insights into her illustrious career.

Claire Labine passed away at 82 years old.