Christophe Agou, French photographer, died at 46

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Christophe Agou, born in 1969 and died September 16, 2015 from cancer.

Christophe was a French documentary photographer and street photographer who lived in New York City.

His work has been published in books and is held in public collections.

Christophe was a member of the In-Public street photography collective.

Christophe was born in Montbrison, France in 1969. A self-taught photographer, Agou grew up in a small town in the Forez region, on the eastern side of the Massif Central.

From the early 1990s, Christophe made documentary-style photographs in both black and white and color which take an allusive approach to the human condition.

He also made short films and sculpture. In 1992, he moved to New York City.

Christophe began taking photographs in the streets that evoked a sense of longing and isolation.

He first came to prominence with photographs taken in the New York City Subway, published in his book Life Below in 2004.

In 2002 Agou returned to Forez. He traveled to the lesser-known parts of the region and got to know a community of family farmers whose identities are deeply rooted to the land.

He photographed and filmed them at work and at home for eight years.

This resulted in Face au Silence – In the Face of Silence, a documentary about rural life in early twenty-first century France.

The work won him the 2010 European Publishers Award for Photography, and publication in six editions and in six languages.

Christophe became a member of the In-Public street photography collective in 2005.

Christophe Agou died in September 2015 of cancer.