Christina Vella, American writer and historian, Died at 75

  Reseacher, Writer

Christina Vella was born on March 14, 1942, and died on March 22, 2017.

She was an American writer, historian of modern Europe, and adjunct professor at Tulane University in New Orleans.

Vella’s first book, Intimate Enemies: The Two Worlds of the Baroness de Pontalba, was entered for the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award.

Which was published by Louisiana State University Press in 1997 and was chosen as one of the best books of the year by the New York Times Book Review, Publishers Weekly, and The Times-Picayune.

The chronicles the life and career of Micaela Almonester, the woman responsible for building the Embassy of the United States in Paris and the Pontalba Buildings in New Orleans.

During 2003, Intimate Enemies was adapted by Thea Musgrave as the opera Pontalba, which premiered in New Orleans in October of that year.

Her later books include The Hitler Kiss: A Memoir of the Czech Resistance (2002), co-authored with Radomir Luza, and Indecent Secrets – The Infamous Murri Murder Affair (2006), a history of the Murri murder trial which took place in Bologna, Italy in 1905.

She received her Ph.D. in European and U.S. history from Tulane University in New Orleans.

She was a professor of history for over twenty years, she now devotes most of her time to writing and lecturing.

Vella’s frequently serves as a consultant and writer for the U.S. Department of State.

Christina Vella passed away at 75 years old.