Chinx was born and raised in the Far Rockaway neighborhood of Queens, New York.

When speaking of how he started rapping Chinx Drugz said, “I started rapping at the table in junior high school for fun with the homies and then by 9th grade I started taking music seriously.

At that point is when I started investing my street money into my studio time and trying to find my sound.”

He said he got the name “Chinx Drugz”, “since I used to smoke a lot of weed back in the day, and this older chick used to call me chinkey and it stuck, the drugz well that’s self explanatory, I been slangin on these corners.”

He first started rapping with his close friend Stack Bundles while he was in high school, who he would later form the group Riot Squad with, along with local rappers Bynoe and Cau2Gs.

On March 15, 2011, Drugz released his fourth official mixtape Flight 2011, which was entirely produced by New York producer Harry Fraud.

The mixtape featured a sole guest appearance from Coke Boys-cohort French Montana.

Then on April 19, 2011, he released his fifth solo mixtape Cocaine Riot, featuring guest appearances from the various members of Coke Boys.

On August 20, 2011, Coke Boys released their first official collaboration mixtape Coke Boys 2.

The mixtape was primarily produced by Harry Fraud, with additional production from Lex Luger.

Coke Boys 2 featured members Drugz, Montana, Cheeze, Flip, and Charlie Rock.

On January 4, 2013, Drugz released the official remix to “I’m A Coke Boy” featuring rappers Rick Ross and Diddy, along with French Montana.

The remix would end up being ranked number 43 on Complex’s list of the 50 best songs of 2013.

Then on April 15, 2013, Drugz released his seventh solo mixtape Cocaine Riot 3, which featured the previously released remix to “I’m A Coke Boy”.

Cocaine Riot 3 featured additional guest appearances from Ace Hood, Juicy J, Montana, Rick Ross, Yo Gotti, DJ Khaled, Roscoe Dash and Flip, among others.

Drugz told MTV that, “When I was making this mixtape, I was just trying to give the people something a little different from my normal. I basically started messing with a couple of different beats, but I kept it real New York. But I just really wanted to give ’em the other side of Chinx that they ain’t been hearing in a while.” The mixtape closes with “Maybe”, a tribute to his deceased childhood friend Stack Bundles.

In a positive review XXL stated, “For all its signs of promise, Cocaine Riot 3 also has some rookie mistakes.

Chinx, who had two children, was strongly identified with drug culture, with a recent photo he posted on social media showing him smoking from a pipe shaped like a rifle.

But he distanced himself slightly as he gained more mainstream recognition, shortening his stage name from the original Chinx Drugz.

Chinx, the New York rapper who won a growing following by turning his bleak experiences as a drug-dealer into verse, was shot dead Sunday. He was 31.