Chinese politician Yang Rudai, Died at 91


Yang Rudai was born in December 1926 and died on 24 February 2018.
He was a politician of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).
Yang Rudai served as the Communist Party Chief of Sichuan, then China’s most populous province, and was the first native Sichuanese to become the top leader of the province since the founding of the PRC.
Rudai was a member of the 13th Politburo of the Communist Party of China, the top governing body of China.
He was considered a protégé of the purged reformist leader Zhao Ziyang.
He was said to lead a simple private life.
up until the year 1988, after Yang Rudai became the Party Chief of Sichuan and a Politburo member, his wife Tan Xiaoying (谭小英) was still a contract worker in a small street factory in Chengdu.
He died in Beijing at the age of 91, on 24 February 2018.
Yang Rudaiwas extolled by the Chinese government as “an excellent member of the Communist Party of China, a time-tested and loyal communist soldier, and an outstanding leader in agriculture and the economic development of the country”.