Chinese Li Hua Cat


Dragon Li, also called Chinese Li Hua or simply Li Mao is a Chinese breed of domestic cat originated from nascent Chinese folklore and dynastic culture.

The Chinese character interpretation is based on a legendary description rather than a fully accurate contemporary portrayal of the Dragon Li, and as a result, the breed has been confused with that of the wild fox by the Chinese.

Chinese Li Hua cats are easygoing, affectionate, agile, playful, and intelligent, making them a great choice for families with other felines and kids, as well as other pets, including dogs.

The coat is thick and short, and it features ticked hairs that are black at the base and then a light yellow shade in the middle with brown on the tips. Even the cat’s lower belly is a brownish yellow color with pretty leopard spots.

Black rings are found encircling the tail and legs, and the tip of the tail is also black. The face features a small black mark on the upper corner of the mouth, making it look as if the cat is smiling.

cat and pumpkin

Chinese Li Hua, Dragon LiThe Dragon Li cats are not demanding or too much affectionate, and would hardly spend time coiling and sleeping lazy on the bed. They are devoted and loyal. They would spend time sitting beside you, but not on top of you.

They are appraised for their unmistakable intelligence. It is because of this trait that this breed will be benefitted from a variety of scratching posts, cat trees, interactive toys, and companionship. But it would be wise if your cat is not allowed to go outdoors.

This should keep them safe from dogs, coyotes, running cars, or theft. If you would still like to let your cat go out, take them on a leash, or provide them with a secure cat run.

Though they are best suited to homes and apartments that are spacious, but they are able to adapt themselves in almost all environments and hardly display any change in personality after entering a new home. By virtue of their drive, these felines are natural hunters of birds and small rodents. They are not much vocal.

This active but mild-mannered cat is well suited to life with families with children and cat-friendly dogs. He can learn tricks, enjoys interactive toys, and loves the attention he receives from children who treat him politely and with respect. Supervise young children and show them how to pet the cat nicely.


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