Chinese legal scholar and human rights activist Li Boguang, Died at 49

Li Boguang was born in 1968 and died in February 2018.

He was a Chinese legal scholar and human rights, activist.

He was the Director of the Quimin Research Institute and has supported farmers in seeking compensation for confiscated farmland.

Li Boguang was detained following his involvement in the Tangshan Protest.

Li Boguang was well known to the international community in 2004 as a result of his efforts to promote the rights of farmers.

Working with Yu Meisun and Zhao Yan, Dr. Li provided advice to farmers in Hebei Province who were resettled to make way for the Taolinkou reservoir, some 100 km (62 mi) east of Beijing.

The farmers asserted that compensation funds were misappropriated by officials from the local Government.

As an activist, Zhang Youren got more than 11,000 displaced farmers to sign a petition calling for the dismissal of the Municipal Party Secretary, Zhang He.

Because of the Tangshan Protest, Zhang Youren was arrested and a crackdown on rights activists.

He died at 49 years old.