Chaudhary Yashpal Singh, Indian politician, Died at 94


Chaudhary Yashpal Singh was born in 1921, and died on December 12, 2015.
He was an Indian politician and Member of Parliament of India.
Chaudhary was a member of the 8th Lok Sabha and has also been a member of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly several times.
He represented the Saharanpur constituency of Uttar Pradesh.
Chaudhary Singh is currently National Vice President of the Samajwadi political party, however, he represented the Indian National Congress during the 8th Lok Sabha.
Singh was born in Saharanpur district in the state of Uttar Pradesh.
His highest attained education is twelfth grade.
Chaudhary Singh has three sons Ch. Veer Sain, Ch. Rudra Sain, and Ch. Inder Sain.
Ch. Rudra Sain is presently working as ‘Vidhan Sabha Prabahri – Gangoh’
Chaudhary Singh passed away at age 94 at the Escorts Hospital in Delhi on December 12, 2015.