Charles Mwando Simba, Congolese politician, Died at 80


Charles Mwando Simba was born on October 18, 1935, in Moba, Tanganyika District and died on December 13, 2016.
He was a Congolese politician and member of UNADEF.
Since February 6, 2007, to October 2008, Simba served in the government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo as Minister of Rural Development.
During October 2008, Simba was appointed as Defense Minister in Adolphe Muzito’s cabinet, succeeding Chikez Diemu.
Simba has been First Vice-President of the National Assembly of the Democratic Republic of the Congo since April 2012.
He Simba also served as a minister during the Congo’s second republic and was Governor of Grand Kivu for 12 years.
Reportedly, according to the MLC, has had Belgian nationality since May 28, 2002, which can be seen on page 29149 of the letter signed by the Belgian king.
Charles Mwando Simba passed away at 80 years old.