Charles Foster, English-born Canadian writer and publicist, Died at 94

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Charles Basil Foster was born on January 17, 1923, in Cheshire, England and died on April 23, 2017.

He was an English-born Canadian publicist, newspaper editor, author and songwriter.

In World War II he was a pilot with the Royal Air Force.

The RAF moved him to a base in Alberta, Canada for flight training and while on leave he visited Hollywood.

Now, he met Sidney Olcott, a Canadian-born silent film star who introduced him to numerous other expatriate Canadian actors in Hollywood including Mary Pickford.

When the war was over, Foster used these contacts to begin a career as a publicist in London and in Hollywood, working for such well-known performers as Marilyn Monroe, Richard Burton, Boris Karloff, Errol Flynn and Benny Hill.

Foster was also a songwriter, contributing such titles as “Goodnight Till Tomorrow” (as Basil Foster) for Issy Bonn and others.

He then became a writer for comedians in the 1960s including Bob Hope and Jack Benny and contributed scripts to a number of 1960s sitcoms including The Beverly Hillbillies.

Charles Foster passed away at 94 years old.