Chandraswami, Indian religious advisor, Died at 66


Chandraswami was born Nemi Chand in 1948 and died on May 23, 2017.

He was a controversial Indian tantrik (practitioner of Tantra).

Chandraswami was called a godman by some people.

Chandraswami’s father came from Behror in Rajasthan and worked as a money lender.

Chandraswami moved to Hyderabad when Chandraswami was a child.

He was attracted to the study of Tantra from an early age.

Chandraswami left home when still young to become a student of Upadhyar Amar Muni and the tantrik pandit Gopinath Kaviraj.

Chandraswami later lived in the jungles of Bihar where he spent time in meditation.

Chandraswami claims that after four years he obtained extraordinary powers called siddhis.

He was Jain by religion and a believer in the goddess Maa Kali.

Nemi Chand passed away at 66 years old.