Chalice’s Robi Peart, singer & guitarist, Died at 61

  Dead Famous

Dead, Chalice’s Robi Peart, original member of the Chalice band, died August 4, 2015, he was age 61.

The jocular singer and guitarist was part of the Chalice line-up that emerged in 1981 with the hit ballad I Still Love You.

Peart was lead singer on several of the band’s popular songs, such as Praise Him, I’m Trying and Ragga Reggae.

Guitarist/singer Wayne Armond, another founding member of Chalice, knew Peart for over 40 years.

He remembers him as a ‘great songwriter’, adding: “Robi had a great sense of humour, a lotta energy and creativity.”

Peart and his younger brother, Gary, had been involved in music since their years as students at Campion College.

They were in bands such as The Virtues and Young World which played school barbecues in the late 1960s and early 1970s.