Carlos Leppe, Chilean singer ,Died at 63

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Carlos Leppe, passed away on October 16, 2015, he was a Chilean singer.

The exhibition of studio works by the Chilean performance artist Carlos Leppe, grouped as “blindness and the imagined word”.

In 1974 ‘Happening’” was the first performance artwork by a Chilean, he has exhibited all over the world and has become famous for using his own body as a medium for visual art.

Leppe used Conceptualism as a reference point, conclusions such as its hermeticism and precariousness to demonstrate the absolute breakdown of human rights in an extremely repressive dictatorship.

However Leppe began by using the conventional plastic media, his evolution was based on a complex analysis of the contemporary situation using the body and theatrical settings.

The artist actions offered a critical vision from a variety of perspectives from within Pinochet’s Chile.

The body used as a support for artistic expression was seen to be a powerful medium for political condemnation.

Leppe’s art practice is political in its poetic tone and poetic in its political tone, articulating a new version of Conceptualism from the South, beyond neutrality and linguistic formalism.

His artistry was originally and infamous and will be remembered by the Chilean art society.

Carlos died at age 63 in 2015.