Byron Oliva, Guatemalan army officer, Died at 46


Byron Oliva died on July 18, 2016.

He was a Guatemalan army officer.

Reportedly, on Monday, Oliva was attacked and killed inside the Pavón prison, Interior Minister Francisco Rivas said at a news conference. Twelve other people, including an Argentine model, Joanna Birriel, who was visiting Mr. Lima, were killed in ensuing unrest at the prison.

Which enable the police to retake control of the prison.

Apparently, the attack had been planned by another inmate, Marvin Montiel Marín, known as El Taquero.

El Taquero is serving an 826-year sentence for a 2008 attack on a bus that killed 16 people.

However it was said that Mr. Montiel and Mr. Lima led rival groups in the prison that clashed over drug sales, prisoner transfers, and internal discipline, Mr. Rivas said.

And Oliva, who was serving a 20-year sentence for the 1998 murder of Bishop Juan José Gerardi, who was bludgeoned in his quarters just two days after presenting a voluminous human rights report on atrocities in the civil war.

At the trial three army officers: Colonel Byron Disrael Lima Estrada and Captain Byron Lima Oliva (who were father and son), and José Obdulio Villanueva, were convicted on June 8, 2001, of Gerardi’s murder and sentenced to 30-year prison terms.

And the priest Mario Orantes, whom the court had identified as an accomplice, was sentenced to 20 years.

Byron Oliva passed away at 46 years old.