Byron Krieger, American Olympic fencer, died at 95


Byron Lester Krieger was born on July 20, 1920, and died on November 8, 2015.

He was an American foil, sabre and épée fencer.

Byron represented the United States in the Olympics in 1952 in Helskinki and 1956 in Melbourne.

He was officially rated as one of the nation’s top 10 fencers for 15 years during his career.

Byron was born in Detroit, Michigan and graduated from Northwestern High School, where he had been a member of the school fencing club under the direction of his English teacher, Beatrice Merriam.

The teacher encourages the boy to start training at Salle de Tuscan Fencing Club.

Byron talent for the sport showed quickly at at age 16 he became the youngest fencer to reach the State Championship finals where he placed 3rd in foil.

He attended Wayne State University in Michigan, where de Tuscan coached.

Byron began fencing all 3 weapons and captained the varsity team in 1940 to 1942.

He was Wayne State’s first NCAA champion in foil in 1942.

Byron was 62–7 in dual meets at WSU, including 30–0 in foil.

He was named WSU’s All-American.

Byron passed away at age 95 in November 2015.