Burmese Cat


You’ve bought in that extra dollop of joy in your life by getting Burmese cats home. Although it the rich glossy brown colour and those golden brown eyes that you’re attracted in first place, be rest assured that the Burmese personalities gets you hooked for their entire life.


These are the ultimate companions cats that they love being with people always. Since these cat breeds craves for close physical attraction from their owners, they’re also known as “Velcro cats”.


Burmese don’t poses love with blind devotion with human, with their intelligent and strong personalities; they read the true love instantly. While playing though their main intention is to entertain their owners or the person playing, they often look back to check if they’re being watched for some the funny antics they do.


If they have made up their mind for something, they never accept the word “no” as an answer and find their way to get what they want, with their strong stubbornness. Sometimes this need of them turn out to become a battle between the owner and this little one.


This love you get from this feline breed is not a boring one, it’s like having another small person who has a mind of their own, but love you to the distraction anyways.


Burmese cat’s coat are very short and are closely laying having a silky structure, thus resulting in requiring a very little grooming, which can require some daily petting. These cats with rounded heads and shorter bodies are show stealers. By expressing their innocence with those large eyes, these cats are sure to seduce you and also many people who have said they don’t like cats. These cats remain playful for a long time that, when they mature, they reveal their unique intelligence, as their personalities unfold.


These cat breeds are almost like any dog varieties. They follow humans from one room to other. They look for warm laps and gentle strokes of owners and love to snuggle up as and when they see their owners reading news paper or while they’re watching television.


One can notice female being active at the house-hold and male cats getting that relaxed comfort lying beside the owner in the couch. It’s something interesting to note that, these cats like sleeping in owner’s bed preferably under the covers cuddled on or right next to the humans.

Burmese cat

Burmese cat kitten on white.

With the pricing depending upon the location of the breeder, cat’s show worthiness and also on spaying the kitten, these kittens are ready to be placed in their new home starting 12 to 16 weeks. It’s important to purchase these kittens from a reputable breeder than any pet’s shops.


Ensure that you visit the breeder’s home before committing to see the way they’re managing their cattery, the home should be clean and odor free. Kittens should be easily handled and energetic. Mother should look hale and healthy.


Any reputable breeder would give you a guarantee on good health. Most importantly, breeder should be available to answer your question before getting this new baby home.