Bulgarian journalist, Nadezhda Kehayova, Died at 40


Nadezhda Kehayova was born on April 26, 1978, and died on November 5, 2018

She was a Bulgarian journalist and television producer.

She graduated with a degree in writing from The University of Plovdiv in 2006.

Kehayova had distributed various articles and studies in daily papers and magazines in Bulgaria.

Kehayova had worked for news offices, for example, Bulgarian National Television.

For a long time, Kehayova had been an official maker of the most established TV amusement in Bulgaria “Minute e mnogo” (A moment is excessive), Bulgarian National Television and of the radio diversion “Za in has” (For 60 minutes), Bulgarian National Radio.

Kehayova established publicizing and film creation organization TV Entertainment since 2006.

She was a screenwriter and maker of numerous documentaries, including “Europe for us,” 2004, which has the greatest prize of The Bulgarian Europe celebration.

Nadezhda Kehayova had 8 awards for journalism and two as a producer and author of the website “A minute is too much.”

Nadezhda Kehayova passed away at 40 years old.


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