Bruce Mozert, American photographer, Died at 98

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Robert Bruce Moser, born on November 24, 1916, and passed away October 14, 2015.

Known as Bruce Mozert, he was an American photographer.

He was considered to be a pioneer of underwater photography and his images of Silver Springs, Florida, were widely broadcast during the early and mid 20th century.

Bruce was born in Newark, Ohio, to Fred and Jessie Moser.

He was the youngest of three children and the only son. The family moved to a farm in Scranton, Pennsylvania, while Bruce was still young, where his father became the superintendent of the Scranton Stove Works.

Bruce graduated high school and took a job as a truck driver that brought coal to New Jersey, but quickly decided he was “too sensitive to be a truck driver” and moved to New York City to live with his sister, model and pin-up artist Zoe Mozert.

Through Zoe, Bruce met Victor de Palma, a lead photographer for Life magazine, who hired him as a film developer and helped him into the field.

Bruce joined the Freelance Photographers Guild and worked for Pic.

Bruce Mozert died at age 98 in 2015.