Boualem Bessaïh, Algerian politician, Died at 86


Boualem Bessaïh was born in 1930, and died on July 28, 2016.
He was an Algerian politician and writer.
During 1979, Boualem joined the government and held several ministerial positions.
Bessaïh was Minister of Foreign Affairs of Algeria from 1988 to 1989 and President of the Constitutional Council from 2005 to 2012.
Boualem Bessaïh was a professor of letters and human sciences at the University of Algiers.
Following the independence, Bessaïh served as ambassador in several European and Arab capitals (Bern, the Vatican, Cairo, Kuwait City, Rabat). In 1971, he was appointed as Secretary-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
He was appointed as Minister of State and Special Adviser to President Bouteflika, as well as Personal Representative of the President, on 11 June 2016.
Boualem Bessaïh passed away at 86 years old.