Betty Tebbs, British women’s rights activist, Died at 98


Betty Tebbs was born on April 10, 1918, and died on January 23, 2017.

She was an activist for women’s rights and a peace campaigner.

Tebbs was described by the People’s History Museum (PHM) in Manchester as “a radical hero who worked tirelessly and with great humility to campaign for equal rights, workers’ rights and peace her whole life.

Betty was married to Ernest Whewell until 1944, when the latter died during active service in World War II.

She had lived latterly in Prestwich, after being married for the second time in 1947.

Betty’s husband, Leonard Tebbs, a former soldier and university lecturer who died in 1979, aged 61, had encouraged her in campaigning for peace and also to further her education at college when in her 50s. The couple had met in 1945 and had a son, Glyn.

Betty also had a daughter, Patricia, from her first marriage.

Because of encouragement from her grandchildren led to the publication of an autobiography titled A Time to Remember in 2007.

Betty Tebbs passed away at 98 years old.