Betty Bumpers

American politician, advocate for childhood immunizations, and world peace activist Betsy Lou Bumpers, née Flanagan was born on January 11, 1925, and died on November 23, 2018.

She served as the First Lady of Arkansas from 1971 to 1975.

Together, Bumpers and Rosalynn Carter headed a successful campaign to ensure that all American school children were immunized.

She later married late Dale Bumpers in 1949, a high school classmate who was then in law school at Northwestern University, then the governor of Arkansas from 1971 to 1975 and then U.S. Senator until 1999.

After studying at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts and Iowa State University, Betty taught elementary school.

Following her husband completion of law school, the couple settled in Charleston, Arkansas, where Dale Bumpers practiced law and Betty worked as an elementary school teacher.

The couple had three children.

The couple later decided to relocate in Little Rock, Arkansas.

She and Rosalynn Carter continued to be involved with the leadership of Every Child By Two in her later years.

Sadly in 2016, her husband of 66 years Dale Bumpers died of complications from Alzheimer’s disease.
On November 23, 2018,

Betty Bumpers passed away at 93 years old due to complications of dementia and a broken hip in Little Rock.


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