Berend Jan Udink, Dutch politician and CEO, Died at 90

Berend Jan “Bé” Udink was born on February 12, 1926, and died on May 24, 2016.
He was a Dutch politician.
Udink studied economy in Rotterdam and Lausanne (1945–1952).
After his studied he was employed at the Chamber of Commerce of Rotterdam and later worked as a teacher at the Economische Hogeschool Rotterdam (Economic College of Rotterdam).
He belonged to the Christian Historical Union, was elected in the so-called Rijnmondraad (Council of Rijnmond), a local council of representatives of Rijnmond, in 1965.
After two years, in 1967, he became minister for Development Cooperation in the Cabinet-De Jong, a post he held till 1971.
During 1971, he was lijsttrekker of the CHU, presenting himself as a conservative and a “law and order” politician.
During that same year, Berend Jan Udink became minister of Transport, Public Works and Water Management in the Cabinets-Biesheuvel I and II.
His political career ended in 1973.
Since 1973 till 1978, Berend Jan Udink was a member of the Board of Directors of the Overzeese Gas- en Elektriciteitsmaatschappij N.V. (as Dutch gas and electricity company) and from 1978 till 1980 he served as its President.
He was married and had three children.
Berend Jan Udink belonged to the Remonstrant Brotherhood (Arminian Protestant Church).
Berend Jan Udink passed away at 90 yrs old.