Béla Biszku, Hungarian politician, Died at 94


Béla Biszku was born on September 13, 1921, and died on March 31, 2016.
He former Hungarian communist politician.
He served as Minister of the Interior from 1957 to 1961.
Bela joined the Hungarian Communist Party (MKP) in 1944 and participated in the resistance movement that fought against the Nazi German occupation of Hungary and against the collaborationist Arrow Cross Party government during the end of World War II.
When the war ended, Béla Biszku organized Angyalföld, Budapest branch of the communist party, then he had worked for the MKP’s Budapest Party Committee since 1946.
From 1957 and 1961 Biszku served as Interior Minister in the government of János Kádár, and between 1961–1962 became the deputy prime minister.
Béla Biszku was a Secretary of the Central Committee, from 1962 until 1978
During 1972, along with Zoltán Komócsin, and other fellow communists, Bela became involved in a plot to force János Kádár to resign from virtually all of his public functions in an effort to return Hungary to a more orthodox Soviet-style line.
To accomplish his goals, he tried to convince Yuri Andropov of the rightness of his cause, who immediately alerted Kádár.
Then, Kádár slowly removed Biszku from power.
Béla Biszku was known for the severity he showed in suppressing and punishing after the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, one of the largest revolt against the communist government in the Eastern Bloc and its Soviet-imposed policies, was defeated.
Reportedly, a criminal investigation against Biszku was opened in 2011.
Béla Biszku being charged with denial of communist crimes that may result in a three-year jail sentence.
Béla Biszku passed away 94 yrs old.