Beenie Man

Moses Davis better known as Beenie Man is one of the world’s famous dancehall artiste coming out of the country of Jamaica, a man that was also nominated for Grammy. Beenie man was born on the 23rd of August 1973 in Kingston, Jamaica; he is dubt as the king of dancehall. Beenie man enjoyed deejaying since he was five years old; he entered talent shows like the taste contest where he won that title in 1981.


He recorded his debut single, “Too Fancy”, with record producer Henry “Junjo” Lawes also in 1981, with Lawes also including him on the 1983 album “Junjo Presents Two Big Sounds” alongside established stars such as Dillinger, Fathead, and Ringo.


Beenie Man had his first number one single in Jamaica in 1993 with “Matie”, and he won the DJ of the Year Award the same year, the first of eight consecutive awards.He is the youngest artiste to have ever entered the thriving dancehall business in the early 80’s at the age of 10 and to rock the microphone like any veteran.


While ordinary children would be busy playing football, marble games and other childhood indulgences, Beenie Man was having studio sessions and writing songs, this was a clear indication that Beenie man would eventually become a fixture in the entertainment industry.


Over the years the lyrics to some of his songs have been criticized for inciting the murder of homosexuals and over the years several of his appearances, particularly in Europe, have been protested and ultimately cancelled due to pressure from gay advocacy groups.


He has many songs during that time both locally and abroad, Beenie man had gone international; his songs were blazing the clubs and radio stations in England. The following year was even bigger and more successful for Beenie Man; he was doing major collaborations with Dennis Brown, Triston Palmer and Mad Cobra.


In fact his biggest collaborations for that era were with Lady Saw for the song “Healing” and “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” that he did with Third World. This was another fantastic year for Beenie Man and he was back in line for DJ of the year for the second consecutive time.


He headlined Reggae Sunsplash in that year and it was in this very year that he signed his first major record contract with Virgin records out of England. He released his third album “Art & Life” under Virgin Records this album showcased Beenie Man’s musical ingenuity and lyrical depth.


In fact it was this album that Beenie Man won his first Grammy. He later worked with superstars like Janet Jackson and Wycliffe Jean who were featured on his album “Tropical Storm” in 2002.


Beenie Man married Michelle Downer also known as D’Angel on 22 August 2006 in a lavish ceremony in Jamaica. They have a son, Marco Dean, born in November 2006. Their relationship, however, was shortlived. In June 2007, Beenie Man separated from his wife; they remain estranged though are still married. In 2007, Beenie Man stated on Jamaican television that they would be getting divorced.


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