Barrelhouse Chuck, American blues musician, Died at 58


Barrelhouse Chuck ( birth name Charles Goering) was born on, July 10, 1958, and died on December 12, 2016.

He was an American Chicago blues and electric blues pianist, keyboardist, singer, and songwriter.

Chuck claimed to be the only Chicago blues pianist to have studied under Sunnyland Slim, Pinetop Perkins, Blind John Davis, Detroit Junior, and Little Brother Montgomery.

Barrelhouse was work appeared on fourteen albums.

Barrelhouse Chuck was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, and learned to play the drums by the age of six.

Later, Barrelhouse Chuck graduated to the piano.

Chuck relocated with his family to Gainesville, Florida, before he first heard a Muddy Waters record.

Which was by listening to blues records that Barrelhouse Chuck learned the techniques of blues piano playing.

Chuck then formed his own bands in his teenage years, including the Red Rooster Band, Red House, and Barrelhouse Chuck & the Blue Lights, and followed Muddy Waters around the South, trying to pick up playing tips from Waters’s pianist, Pinetop Perkins.

During 1979, Barrelhouse Chuck drove from Florida to Chicago to introduce himself to Sunnyland Slim.

He spent the next decade and a half studying his playing, along with that of other Chicago blues musicians, including Blind John Davis, Little Brother Montgomery, and Erwin Helfer.

He died due to cancer.

Barrelhouse Chuck passed away at 58 years old.