Banza Stone, songwriter & singer, died at 43

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Banza Stone, born in 1972 and died on July 17, 2015 at his home in Dar es Salaam, he was a Tanzania singer and songwriter.

The late Banza’s brother, Shaban Ali Masanja confirmed that Banza died at his Sinza residence after his situation worsened.

He said burial arrangements are being finalised in Sinza, Dar es Salaam.

Stone was recently reported to be in bad condition in Tunduma, Mbeya Region, where he was with Rungwe Music Band (formally Wana Extra).

The Mbeya band was reportedly disbanded and most of its musicians returned to Dar es Salaam.

Stone was born in 1972 and went through Mnazi Mmoja Primary School, where he finished in 1987. He started as hip-hop musician almost 25 years ago and later became a dancer.

He joined Korea Cultural Music Centre in 1990 to 1991 and after getting his certificate, he joined The Heart Strings Band before moving to Twiga Band and later Achigo Band as drummer.

Stone established himself at the The African Stars, Twanga Pepeta Band in 1995 and later moved on to the then Bagamoyo Arts College, now the Institute for Arts and Culture Bagamoyo (Ta- SUBa) where he trained for two years.

Immediately after graduating Stone crossed from Twanga Pepeta to Tanzania One Theatre (TOT). Banza had only a short stint at TOT Band because he decided to form his own band – Bambino Sound, which however, lasted for only six months as it collapsed.

Stone rejoined African Stars and again stayed for only few months before crossing over to Extra Bongo.

He will be remembered for his perfect rendition in songs like ‘Mtaji wa Masikini’, ‘Kumekucha, ‘Aungurumapo Simba Mcheza Nani’ and ‘Falsafa ya Maisha’

Banza Stone died at age 43 on July 17, 2015.