Australian musician, Jeff St John, Died at 71


Jeff St John was born Jeffrey Leo Newton on April 22, 1946, and died on March 6, 2018.

He was an Australian musician.

He was best known for being composing several Australian top ten hits, such as Teach Me How to Fly (1970), Big Time Operator (1967) and A Fool in Love (1977).

Jeff St John was appeared with a number of bands during the late 1960s and early 1970s including; John The Syndicate aka The Wild Oats (1965), The Id (1966–67) with Bob Bertles (tenor sax ’67), Jeff St John & Yama (1967–68), Jeff St John & Copperwine (1969-72), with Harry Brus (bass 70-72) and Wendy Saddington (co-lead vocals 70-71), Jeff St John Band (1972–73) and, Red Cloud (1975-76).

During 1980 Wass was the subject of an episode of the documentary series The Australians presented by Peter Luck, titled “Jeff St. John – Rock ‘n’ Roll Man”.

During 1988 as part of Australian Bicentenary celebrations along with many other Australian celebrities, Jeff St John took part in a video shoot at Ayers Rock called Celebration of a Nation.

St John was involved in educating people about disabilities and was a member of spina bifida support group MOSAIC.

He appeared at the opening of the 2000 Summer Paralympics in Sydney where he sang the Australian National Anthem.

He died at his home in Perth, Western Australia at 71 years old.