Aurèle Nicolet, Swiss flautist, Died at 90

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Aurèle Nicolet was born on January 22, 1926, and died on January 29, 2016.

He was a Swiss flautist.

Nicolet was considered as one of the world’s best flute players of the late twentieth century.

He performed in various international concerts.

From the year 1948 to 1950, he worked at Flautist in orchestras in Winterthur and Zurich

Various composers wrote music especially for him, including Toru Takemitsu, György Ligeti, Krzysztof Meyer, and Edison Denisov.

He was Head of the Master Class at the Freiburg Conservatory, from 1965 to 1981.

Aurèle Nicolet pupils include Emmanuel Pahud, Carlos Bruneel, Michael Faust, Pedro Eustache, Thierry Fischer, Irena Grafenauer, Huáscar Barradas, Kristiyan Koev, Jadwiga Kotnowska, Robert Langevin, Marina Piccinini, Kaspar Zehnder and Ariel Zuckermann.

He has won a number of awards.

Aurèle Nicolet passed away at 90 yrs old.