Aurèle Audet, politician, Died at 95


Aurele Audet was born on October 12, 1920, and died on November 28, 2015.
He was a politician in Quebec, Canada and a Member of the National Assembly of Quebec (MNA).
Aurele was born in La Sarre, Quebec on October 12, 1920 and made a career in the dairy industry.
He died at the age of 95 in 2015.
Aurele Audet ran as a candidate of the newly formed provincial wing of the Ralliement créditiste in the 1970 election and won, becoming the Member of the National Assembly for the district of Abitibi-Ouest.
During his term of office, the party was plagued by internal divisions.
While three MNAs, including Audet, remained loyal to Leader Camil Samson, the rest of the caucus withdrew its support and appointed Armand Bois as temporary leader, until a leadership convention could determine a new leader.
Eventually, the Samson faction re-joined the party and Audet served as House Whip.
Nonetheless, Aurele and most of his colleagues lost their bid for re-election in the 1973 election.
Aurele Audet passed away at age 95 in November 2015.