Atsumi Yoshikubo, Japanese psychiatrist, Died at 45


Atsumi Yoshikubo died in 2016.

She was a Japanese psychiatrist.

Reported by officails, that around midday on October 22, 2014, a passing motorist saw a Japanese woman walking north along the Ingraham Trail on the outskirts of Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories, Canada.

A few days later, after seeing stories in the local media that Atsumi Yoshikubo, who had been visiting the city from her home in southern Japan, had gone missing, she reported the sighting.

Seemingly that’s the last time she was seen alive.

Atsumi absence was first noted five days after that sighting, when staff at her hotel noticed she had not checked out two days after her stay was to have ended.

When searched, her room they found her luggage, still packed; she had apparently never boarded her flight home either.

A short Footage from the hotel’s security camera showed her leaving shortly before she was last seen along the road.

After that sighting was reported in the news, it suggested to many residents that she might have gotten lost in the vast expanse of taiga surrounding the city, and they augmented official search efforts with their own ventures into the bush.

Her story attracted considerable media interest not only across Canada but also in Japan, where Yellowknife is a popular destination for those seeking to view the northern lights.

After a week of Yoshikubo’s disappearance, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) announced that they were calling off the search, as their investigation, in cooperation with Japanese police, had led them to believe that she had intended to commit suicide.

Atsumi Yoshikubo family, from whom she had been estranged for some time, doubted that conclusion, pointing to evidence that suggested she intended to return.

The Police continued searching for the body they expected to find, using areas she may have visited, for training exercises.

After ten months, a hunter found some of her personal effects, along with human remains, in a wooded area north of the city.

Sadly, the RCMP confirmed that the items belonged to Yoshikubo, and began to identify the DNA from the bone fragments.

In April 2016, the items were matched to Yoshikubo and the investigation has been officially closed.

Atsumi Yoshikubo passed away at 45 yrs old.