Arundhati Ghose, Indian diplomat, Died at 76

Arundhati Ghose was born on November 25, 1939, and died on July 26, 2016.
She was an Indian diplomat.
Arundhati Ghose was Permanent Representative of India to the UN Offices in Geneva.
She was head of the Indian delegation that participated in the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) negotiations at the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva in 1996.
Arundhati Ghose also served as Ambassador to the Republic of Korea and the Arab Republic of Egypt.
In the course of her career, Ghose served in Austria, the Netherlands, Bangladesh and the Permanent Mission of India in New York.
She was also the key liaison to the Bangladesh Government in exile in Calcutta during the 1971 War.
During 1996, Ghose was deputed to head India’s delegation to the CTBT conference in Geneva.
And India was a key participant at this conference, being one of only three countries that possessed nuclear technology and yet remained unrecognized as a nuclear power and outside the ambit of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT).
Committed with its long-standing and oft-enunciated policy, India declined to endorse any regime that permitted some countries to retain nuclear weaponry while limiting the ability of other countries to develop similar capabilities of their own.
Ghose fought the pressure from the Western countries on India to sign the CTBT, attaining celebrity status in India in the process.
Ghose retired in November 1997.
Arundhati Ghose passed away at 76 years old.