Antonino Fernández Rodríguez, Spanish businessman, Died at 98


Antonino Fernández Rodríguez was born on December 13, 1917, and died on August 31, 2016.

He was a Spanish businessman and former chairman of Grupo Modelo

He relocated to Mexico in 1949, accompanied by his wife.

Immediately, Antonino started working at Cervecería Modelo under the wing of his wife’s uncle, the Spanish-born Don Pablo Díez, founder of Grupo Modelo.

During his first months in Mexico, he carried out different jobs at the brewery until he was promoted to the post of general manager, from where he learned the work of the Company.

Rodríguez was in charge, for example, of preparing and training young Mexican engineers, whom he recruited from universities in the country, to transform them into the company’s brewers, substituting the original German brewers who had been in charge of producing beer up until then.

Rodríguez had investmented in new equipment and machinery and worked to improve product quality.

During 1958, Fernández was in charge of coordinating the construction of Cervecería Modelo de Guadalajara which was built by the brew masters he had trained.

Antonino Fernández Rodríguez passed away at 98 years old.