Anne van den Ban, Dutch agricultural economist, Died at 88


Anne Willem van den Ban was born on February 28, 1928, in Leeuwarderadeel and died on May 7, 2016, Wageningen.

He was a Dutch scholar.

He focused her work on Agricultural Extension.

Van den Ban started the department of Extension Education, in 1964.

In 1983, during his retirement from the department had grown to be one of the 5 largest departments at the Landbouwhogeschool.

Theses days,it is the department of Communication Science with two sub-departments; Communication and Innovation Studies, and Communication Strategies.

Notwithstanding his retirement from the department in 1983, he continued to work as a consultant in different countries, mainly in India and Tanzania.

He also served as advisor to the Executive Council of the International Society for Extension Education (INSEE) and received a Life Time Achievement Award in September 2008 for his “outstanding contribution in the field of Extension Education, Agricultural Development and Rural Development” from this organization.

Anne van den Ban was served as an Officer of the Order of Orange-Nassau for his outstanding scientific achievements on a national and international level on the 15th of September 2011.

His award was presented during a meeting to mark the award of the 200th scholarship by the Anne van den Ban Scholarship Fund.

Anne van den Ban passed away at 88 yrs old.