Angela Brodie, British cancer researcher, Died at 82


Angela Hartley Brodie was born on September 28, 1934, in Manchester and died on June 7, 2017.

She was a British cancer researcher.

She pioneered development of steroidal aromatase inhibitors.

She went on to study chemical pathology to a doctoral level and was awarded a fellowship sponsored by National Institutes of Health.

Then some time after working on oral contraceptives with the Harry Brodie, whom she married, she switched focus to the effects of the estrogen-producing enzyme, aromatase, on breast cancer.

She managed to get an aromatase inhibitor into a limited clinical trial in London, which had such a profound effect that it led to Novartis-sponsored trials.

Brodie was behind the development of formestane, the first aromatase inhibitor used on breast cancer patients, marketed in 1994.

Her work has been hailed “as among the most important contributions to cancer cure.”

Angela Hartley Brodie passed away at 82 years old.