Andreas Henrisusanta, Indonesian Roman Catholic prelate, Died at 80


Andreas Henrisusanta, S.C.I. was born on June 7, 1935, in Wonosari and died on March 10, 2016.

He was an Indonesian prelate of the Roman Catholic Church.

He served as bishop of the Diocese of Tanjungkarang, Indonesia from 1979 to 2012.

He joined to the Dehonians Fathers and was ordained to the priesthood for this Congregation on July 2, 1961.

On August 29, 1975, Andreas Henrisusanta was appointed the titular bishop of Ubaba and auxiliary of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Tanjungkarang, Indonesia and was ordained on February 11, 1976.

Three years later, Andreas become the bishop ordinary of the same diocese, on April 18, 1979.

Andreas Henrisusanta retired on July 6, 2012.

Andreas Henrisusanta passed away at 80 yrs old.