André Waignein, Belgian composer, Died at 73


Andre Waignein was born on January 28, 1942, in Mouscron, Belgium, and died on November 22, 2015.

He was a Belgian composer, conductor and musician.

Andre Waignein also published under the pseudonyms Rob Ares, Frede Gines, Rita Defoort and Roland Kernen.

He received his first musical education from his father.

His father gave him music lessons in the band called “St. Cecilia” of Mont-à-Leux at Mouscron.

At the age of 6 he played in this band as a trumpeter.

Andre attended the Royal Music Conservatory in Brussels boxes trumpet, piano, chamber music, music theory, music history and transposition and diploma moored in the main trumpet.

Andre participated in the ORTF Jazz Orchestra in Lille.

He served in the military service, then he completed his studies in the subjects counterpoint.

Andre also provided composition at the Conservatory of Mons and earned those diplomas with distinction.

Andre worked in the music in Mouscron and conductor of the Harmonie La Mouscronnoise.

He was the conductor of the Harmonie Royale.

Andre also arise his first compositions and brass orchestra.

He won numerous awards for his work, this including the price of the European Union of Radio Broadcasting (EBU) and the price of SABA.

Waignein was the director of the Music Conservatory of Tournai (Conservatoire de Musique de la Ville de Tournai) and professor in the harmony at the Royal Music Conservatory in Brussels.

André Waignein passed away at 73 years old.