Amílcar Henríquez, Panamanian footballer, Died at 33

Amílcar Henríquez Espinosa was born on August 2, 1983, in Panama City and died on April 15, 2017.

He was a Panamanian footballer.

He had started his club career with local side Árabe Unido.

Amílcar Henríquez stayed for one season with Costa Rica with Santacruceña before moving to Colombia in 2009.

Henríquez was a good player for Atlético Huila and joined Independiente Medellín in July 2012.

When he spent his season back at Árabe Unido, Henríquez returned to Colombia to play for second division side Real Cartagena in December 2014.

During March 2015, he was released by Cartagena due to alleged indiscipline and in June 2015 he was snapped up by América Cali.

He was killed in his hometown of Coló in a drive-by shooting.

Amílcar Henríquez passed away at 33 years old.