American politician, Hal Wick, Died at 73


Hal G. Wick was born on October 31, 1944, in New Ulm, Minnesota and died on March 7, 2018.
He was an American politician.
He was a Republican member of the South Dakota House of Representatives representing District 12 since January 11, 2011.
Previously, he served several non-consecutive terms from January 1977 until January 1981 in District 11, from January 1995 until January 1999 and from January 2001 until January 2009 in the District 12 seat, but ran for South Dakota Senate in 2008 due to the state’s term limits.
Wick served in the Iowa National Guard and the South Dakota National Guard and was commissioned a lieutenant colonel.
Hal Wick passed away at 73 years old.