Alice Trolle-Wachtmeister, Swedish countess, Died at 91


Countess Alice Victoria Trolle-Wachtmeister (née Tornérhielm) was born on May 9, 1926 and died on June 26, 2017.

She was a Swedish noblewoman.

Trolle-Wachtmeister served the Royal Court of Sweden from the 1970s to 2015, having served as Chief Court Mistress from 1994 to 2015.

Alica was daughter of Erik Tornérhielm, a squire from Gedsholm, and the Danish-born Ellen Valentiner-Branth.

Trolle-Wachtmeister received training as a child care nurse, as well as in air monitoring service and staff welfare services, before joining the Swedish Women’s Voluntary Defence Service in 1943.

Alice Trolle-Wachtmeister passed away at 91 years old.