Ali Baba, Pakistani writer, Died at 76

Ali Baba (Original Name: Ali Mohammad) was born in 1940, in Kotri, and died on August 8, 2016.

He was a Pakistani dramatist, story writer, and literary figure of the Sindhi language.

Ali’s parents had migrated from Balochistan to Sehwan Sharif and later shifted to Kotri.

Ali Baba father worked at Pakistan Railways.

He was appointed in Pakistan Railways as the clerk and then he left the job and joined in a textile mill as Assistant Manager.

Baba did a private job for four years then left and started writing since 1965 with pen name Ali Baba.

Ali received his primary education at Nango Line Municipal Primary School and from Sher Dil Khan Municipal High School in Kotri he did his matriculation.

In matriculation examination Ali had a quarrel with a student in the examination hall, finally, the examiner expelled him from there.

From then he never went back to any school.

He had traveled throughout Sindh and portrayed every person from many different walks of life in his stories and dramas.

Baba has written several dramas for Radio and Television.

He has written Mohan Jo Daro.

He died due to a brain hemorrhage in civil hospital Karachi.

Ali Baba passed away at 76 years old.