Alfredo Peña, Venezuelan journalist and politician, Died at 72

Alfredo Antonio Peña was born on April 13, 1944, and died on September 6, 2016.
He was a Venezuelan journalist and politician.
Peña studied journalism at the Central University of Venezuela and became well known after he was hired as the director of the newspaper El Nacional.
Alfredo Peña also hosted his own interview program on the television channel Venevisión, in which he severely criticized the two dominant parties of the second half of the twentieth century in Venezuela, AD and COPEI.
Alfredo Peña’s late-night TV program faced harsh criticism over its main theme and it changed names from “Conversaciones con Alfredo Peña” to a more aggressive “Los Peñonazos de Peña”.
At that time, Peña suffered several attempts on his life, one of them occurring in his apartment, presumably not only to kill him but to destroy his computer and archives.
During 1998, Peña supported the candidacy of Hugo Chávez for the Presidency of Venezuela, and invited Chávez to his program in several occasions.
During 1999, he quit his television program and became one of the prominent members of the Fifth Republic Movement. President Chávez named him Minister of the Secretary of the Presidency.
He was later elected to the finance committee of the 1999 Constituent Assembly, becoming its chairman.
He died due in Miami.
Alfredo Peña passed away at 72 years old.