Alberto Schommer, photographer, died at 87

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Alberto Schommer, born in Vitoria in 1928, and died on September 10, 2015.

He was the son of a German photographer.

Schommer moved to Madrid in 1966, where he quickly became famous.

He received the prize for the best industrial documentary in 1971 and three years later held two large exhibitions, ‘La dulce violencia’ and ‘Tierra fermentada’.

Schommer was named photographer of the year in 1979.

Schommer’s photographic work reflects the history of Spain, and the décor, clothes, make-up and objects play an important role in his portraits, as he believes that photography provides a true record of the times.

Among his best known works are ‘Psychological Portraits’, ‘Discoveries’, ‘Masks’ and ‘Attitudes’.

His ‘Schommer Documents’ (1996) is a visual chronicle of his 20 years of living in Spain since 1975.

Alberto Schommer died on 10 September 2015 at age 87.