Alberto Carneiro, Portuguese sculptor, Died at 79


Alberto Carneiro was born on September 20, 1937, in Coronado, Minho and died on April 15, 2017.

He was a Portuguese artist.

In that time works in religious art workshops of their land between 1947 and 1958, starting on the technologies of wood, stone and ivory.

Alberto attended high school in Decorative Arts School Soares dos Reis, Porto, and Secondary School Antonio Arroyo, Lisbon.

During 1961 forms part of the sculpture course of School of Fine Arts of Porto, ending in 1967.

In the next year part to London a scholarship from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation to attend Saint Martin’s School of Art (1968-1970), where he is a student of Anthony Caro and Philip King.

Alberto Carneiro passed away at 79 years old.