Adrien Duvillard, French Olympic skier, Died at 82


Adrien Duvillard was born on November 7, 1934 and died on February 14, 2017.

He was a French alpine skier.

Adrien Duvillard competed in the 1956 Winter Olympics and 1960 Winter Olympics.

During the 1956 Olympics, Adrien became 4th in the Giant Slalom.

During the Slalom, Adrien Duvillard was only 0.2 seconds behind Toni Sailer after the first leg but he fell in the second leg.

Prior to that Olympics, Duvillard could gain twice 3rd places in the “Tre-Tre-Races” in Italy in January 1955.

During 1958, Adrien Duvillard could win the Slalom of those “Tre-Tre-Races”.

Adrien Duvillard became winner of the Downhill and Slalom and therefore of the Combined at the Hahnenkamm, in January 1960

Which resulted in the 1960 Olympics were disappointing for him: He gained 10th in the Giant Slalom and did fall in the Downhill and Slalom.

About ten days after that Olympics he could win the Combined in the “Harriman Cup” at Sun Valley.

Duvillard became French Champion in the Downhill and Combined, in 1961.

During the FIS Alpine World Skiing Championships 1962 (his “Home World Championships) he could achieve the 4th place in the Giant Slalom.

After, he did announce his retirement and became a professional.

Duvillard’s son Adrien JUNIOR and his brother Henri Duvillard also were successful in Alpine Skiing.

Adrien Duvillard passed away at 82 years old.